About TraumaCare

In 1996 we began pioneering the concept of enabling accident victims in pain to quickly access private medical treatment for early rehabilitation of their injuries.

As a chartered physiotherapist majority owned business we have always had a strong focus and understanding of rehabilitation.

From the core service of physiotherapy we have developed holistic and innovative rehabilitation solutions  with an over-riding philosophy of the least intervention possible to support the patient in self-managing their condition. Now, for example, we also work with NHS Trusts, GPs and organisations (such as some of the UK's largest police and fire services) to provide self-care support for musculoskeletal conditions.

For complex and chronic conditions we are developing better access to cost-effective multi-disciplinary programmes to expand rehabilitation options.

When it comes to clinical governance  we always ensure that all practitioners are suitably qualified and experienced rather than simply the lowest cost possible. We also actively monitor and challenge the amount of treatment being requested where necessary. Our reporting procedures require practitioners to provide specific information regarding the injuries and the treatment modalities used by them. This enables reconciliation and compliance with best practice guidelines.