Innovative Treatment Solutions

We understand that in a competitive marketplace there needs to be proactive control of claim costs. Rehabilitation should be no exception.

Our role is to provide alternative rehabilitation solutions that offer improved value for money and/or better opportunities to mitigate the impact of the injury upon the claimant and reduce care needs or pain and suffering.

More competition

Historically there has been limited competition in the UK private healthcare market. The Competition Commission is currently investigating private hospital groups for non-competitive pricing.

The Health and Social Care Act 2012 is helping to introduce more competition as it enables NHS Trust hospitals to compete for private patient referrals. Whilst the expertise is well established within NHS hospitals, commercial administrative support is still being developed in many instances. Obtaining estimates may be more involved than perhaps obtaining costs from a more established private hospital group. However potential cost savings can make it well worth the effort. TraumaCare has been working with NHS Trusts for some time and understand the complexities involved.

More rehabilitation solutions

Recent years have seen the growth of rehabilitation case management for accident victims. The need for case management has, in many instances, been due to the lack of co-ordination and integration of care and rehabilitation within the NHS. However in certain postcodes there are long established and highly skilled multi-disciplinary rehabilitation programmes delivering high quality integrated services.

Unfortunately, as in many instances within the NHS, clinical commissioning group priorities for funding or geography may preclude access to these rehabilitation services. With recent legislative changes however private referrals are now possible. Costs can be very competitive due to economies of scale and the fact that the services are not profit driven

TraumaCare is working closely with NHS Trust rehabilitation services to enable insurers to consider the value of the cost effective residential rehabilitation programmes as an alternative option for trauma victims across the UK.