Working with NHS private services

TraumaCare facilitates private referrals to our local NHS Hospital (Wessex Rehabilitation Centre) with wide geographic spread for the benefit of accident victims.

The centre offers specialist multi-disciplinary programmes with unique industrial workshop facilities (including technical instructors) to help therapists replicate work and daily living activities for rehabilitation and enhanced vocational rehabilitation.

Patients report substantial improvements in their level of disability following treatment. Reductions in disability range from 46% to as high as 96% with an average improvement of 58%.  Please see below for the full presentation from Fiona Talbot, Clinical Specialist at Wessex

The specialist workshops, home environment replications and more usual  facilities (albeit very comprehensive with a large hydrotherapy pool and an extensive gym equipped with the latest equipment such an anti-gravity treadmill) offer unrivalled opportunities to achieve an early return to work and activities of daily living. 

The large multi-disciplinary team includes highly skilled and experienced clinical specialist physiotherapists, occupational therapists, consultant psychologists and pain management consultants. Please see below presentations from an open day from lead practitioners.

Private and NHS patients are treated alike in a very positive, supportive and “can do” environment.

All patients must meet referral suitability criteria and be fully engaged in the rehabilitation. Injuries treated at the centre include a wide range of musculoskeletal conditions including upper and lower limb and hand injuries. The centre also provides chronic pain programmes and spinal injuries treatment  (vocational rehab).

Referral to the centre and rehabilitation is staged with an initial  triage (which is geared to the nature of the injury). The triage is  carried out by the multi-disciplinary team and may include review of records/reports, patient questionnaires as well as the use of patient video-link or telephone discussions. Only if the team is reasonably confident the patient will derive benefit from treatment at Wessex  will the patient be invited for an in- depth assessment at the centre. 

Treatment Estimates

An open day at Wessex Rehabilitation was held on 20 September 2019 and was very well attended by leading insurers and personal injury solicitors. Please find below presentations from the day.