Why Choose TraumaCare

In 1996 we pioneered the concept of enabling accident victims to quickly access private medical treatment for early rehabilitation of their injuries.

As a chartered physiotherapist majority owned business we have always had a passion for rehabilitation.

We are independent of medico-legal report providers (or indeed anyone). There’s no conflict (or perceived conflict) of interest with the provision of recommended treatment or diagnostics. We work with both claimant representatives and defending insurers.

From the core service of physiotherapy we have developed holistic and innovative accident rehabilitation solutions to support patients. Our work with NHS Trusts, GPs and organisations (such as some of the UK’s largest police and fire services) in musculoskeletal conditions care has been an important part of our commitment to improving the lives of people in pain.

Entry on to our panel of treatment of providers requires strict requirements to be met and verification. We also maintain quality of care and clinical governance with pro-active reporting procedures. For example, we require all practitioners to provide specific information (for every patient/client) regarding the injury and the treatment techniques used by them. This aids our auditing for compliance with best practice guidelines.

To find out more about how we can help call 01722 414155 or Treatment Estimates