Below is a selection of counselling approaches (other than CBT or EMDR) which may be suggested for treatment of some trauma related disorders. If counselling is an appropriate option.

Behavioural Therapy

This approach to therapy is thought to be useful for dealing with fears and phobias. It is based upon the belief that our behaviour is related to our experiences but that we can unlearn the negative behaviour to overcome the fear or phobia.

Cognitive Therapy

The theory is that the client can be helped to change negative thoughts and behaviour by identifying and questioning those thoughts. As the term suggests the client helped to make alterations to way of their thinking and perception of the event and thoughts regarding it.

Eclectic Counselling

Many counsellors will have training and experience of providing therapy drawing from a range of therapy approaches. This approach enables the therapist to tailor the therapy to the personality of the client and the nature of the problem.

Solution-focused Brief Therapy

This theory encourages client sot set and then work towards goals to effect a positive change in their thinking. It is focused on dealing with current issues as opposed to re-visiting past problems. As the term suggests, therapy is limited and as few as only 3 or 4 sessions may be needed.

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