Vocational Rehabilitation

Recent years have seen the growth of rehabilitation case management for accident victims. The need for case management has, in many instances, been due to the lack of co-ordination and integration of care and rehabilitation within the NHS. However in certain postcodes there are long established and highly skilled multi-disciplinary rehabilitation programmes delivering high quality integrated services.

Unfortunately, as in many instances within the NHS, clinical commissioning group priorities for funding or geography may preclude access to these rehabilitation services. With recent legislative changes however private referrals are now possible. Costs can be very competitive due to economies of scale and the fact that the services are not profit driven

Specialist Services Specialist residential multi-disciplinary programmes can be difficult to access privately or prohibitively expensive. In addition pre and post centre support may not be available to ensure continuity of progress. TraumaCare is establishing partnerships with NHS specialist centres. These pain management and rehabilitation programmes have leading edge measurement and evaluation techniques with continual patient monitoring and assessment. By linking the programmes with experienced community-based therapists, rehabilitation and evaluation can be maintained to help achieve the best outcomes.

TraumaCare is working closely with NHS Trust rehabilitation services to enable consideration of the value of the cost effective residential rehabilitation programmes as an alternative option for trauma victims across the UK.

Please request an information pack (including case studies) for more details of the services available.