Chronic pain

Pain is subjective. We are all different so we all feel pain differently. Our abilities to cope with pain are personal to us. Some people can cope with higher levels of pain than others. This doesn’t mean those less able to cope are weaker or malingering.

Chronic or persistent pain is defined in medical terms as pain that carries on for longer than 12 weeks – despite medication or treatment.

As the level and duration of pain can vary considerably so can the amount of support and treatment needed. TraumaCare offers a wide range of support. This may perhaps be limited to a few sessions of physiotherapy with a specialist physio or perhaps arranging a residential chronic pain management programme with ongoing post programme local support.

Our free pain management treatment co-ordination helps us piece together a bespoke service according to the needs of the individual.

We also understand the inherent problems in complying with injury rehabilitation recommendations whilst continuing with home and work life. Our approach is sensitive and pragmatic.

Unfortunately on occasions trauma can trigger even more complex chronic pain as detailed on following pages.