Chronic Pain Programmes

Pain management treatment can include a number of interventions, which can include pharmacological (drugs), injections, surgery. Treatment is provided by Consultants (Pain Management and Spinal Surgeons). Initially the patient is assessed by a specialist Consultant (for example, in pain management) who would  then recommend interventions such as those detailed above. In addition referral to a Pain Management Programme may be recommended however (as with medical care generally) a stepped approach is usually adopted starting the least intervention possible first.

Pain management programmes focus on helping people cope with and manage their pain. Treatment may entail physical therapy and psychological support (for example coping and distraction strategies, physical conditioning etc.).

Pain Management Programmes can be provided in a  variety of ways including classes, day and extended duration residential courses. The cost varies considerably in accordance with the level of support and intervention required. Pain is very personal and response to treatment therefore varies.  A Pain Management Programme will usually commence with a comprehensive assessment including individual assessments by members of the pain management team, for example, chartered psychologists, clinical specialists physiotherapists, occupational therapists, consultant nurses and consultants of other disciplines.

TraumaCare care coordinators are experienced in piecing together the recommend components of pain management to provide an integrated service. We have a mature and highly skilled network of physical and psychological therapy and medical practitioners.

Pain Management Clinics

Pain management can be provided as out-patient and individual therapy clinics or where available (particularly for chronic pain) within residential (or day centre) pain management centres. There is limited availability of such centres within the private sector however TraumaCare has developed links and knowledge of the availability. We can facilitate referrals including concierge services to ensure they are feasible for patients to attend. Importantly TraumaCare is also able to offer post pain management programme support to help maintain progress.