Play Therapy

Children affected by accidents may find it harder to express their feelings and rationalise their thoughts. Therapies which may help adults such as cognitive behavioural therapy are not suitable for children. Play Therapy may be recommended for children who can respond through play.

TraumaCare has been providing psychological support for children for a number of years and our experienced team has the necessary empathy and knowledge to support children. We also understand how important it is to deal sensitively with parents or guardians.

Our Clinical Director has over 15 years paediatric experience and provides essential insight and advice on dealing with children.

We understand the appropriate children therapy disciplines and how to locate and instruct the most appropriate therapists. We are happy to follow medico-legal recommendations but also to arrange pre-medico-legal initial assessments to determine therapy needs. We can, for example, arrange joint assessments with a Child Psychologist and a registered Play Therapist including links with schools or nurseries for a comprehensive psychological rehabilitation strategy.

Treatment Estimates