Non union fracture surgery

Following a fracture, the ends of the bones should begin to ‘knit’ back together again with new bone growth. However if there is a problem and the ends of bone don’t  join back together it’s known as a non-union facture. In such instances surgery may be performed to join the bones, for example, with a metal plate.

Removal of plates or screws

If a bone fracture or fractures have needed to be fixed with metal plates or screws, it’s possible that the fixings may cause pain or discomfort after the bones have regrown and gained strength. The surgeon may suggest the metalwork is removed.

The above medical treatments are usually carried out as day case procedures (in and out in a day). A general anaesthetic will usually be required and the patient will need assistance to return home afterwards.

The TraumaCare team is experienced in arranging such procedures and ensuring they are as convenient and hassle free for the patient as possible.