Arthroscopy is the term for a surgical procedures in which the surgeon makes only limited ‘keyhole’ cuts in the skin to insert a camera and surgical instruments into the body. The surgeon then carries out the procedure by viewing a monitor.

The advantage of the procedure is that the scars are much smaller than traditional surgery. The procedure may be used for repairs or investigation of joints, such as knees or shoulders.

With more limited wounds it is easier and safer for the patient to have a limited stay in hospital. Many arthroscopies are performed as day case procedures. This is more convenient for the patient and has a lower cost.  The hospital may however wish to be sure the patient has support and care at home if they are released soon after the procedure, which will still usually require a general anaesthetic. The patient will also need to have transport home post operation.

The TraumaCare team regularly arranges arthroscopies with all the associated support required pre and post operation. This can include local physiotherapy and occupational therapy and diagnostic treatment as may be appropriate.