Brain Injury Treatment

TraumaCare offers treatment and support for minor brain injuries and for accident victims who require neurological treatment in the community.

Minor Brain Injury Treatment

Whilst a minor brain injury may not be catastrophic, the impact on an accident victim and their family can be long lasting and very harmful with physical, cognitive problems, emotional/behavioural as well social and personal problems. The problem may be compounded with the injured person not admitting to having difficulties. They may also be wary of undergoing treatment, which they fear may be inconvenient or unpleasant.

TraumaCare can arrange assessments and treatment from brain injury specialists such as neurologists, neuro psychologists, neuro physiotherapists as well as other specialists. We can also arrange diagnostic treatments. Our approach is pragmatic and sensitive to the needs of the injured.

Community Based Neurology Therapies

We also provide community based therapy for more seriously injury patients who have progressed in their recovery but still need community based support, for example with neuropsychology or neurophysiotherapy.

Treatment Estimates